The PBGUID associated with this account has been banned by PunkBuster.
This account is linked to banned players by PersonaID. Click "Linked Players" for details.
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Summary for copcapNSK [BF3]

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Battlelog weapon stats seem clean.
This account seems not banned by FairFight.
Battlereports do not indicate that a cheat has been used with this account.
No banable PunkBuster Violations found.
This account seems not linked to banned players by PBGUID.
This account is not linked to banned players by IPs.
This account has not been banned manually.

Player data

Property Value
ID 979737
Game BF3
PunkBuster GUID b0fb50f1400d847258fb81eae99f135a
Battlelog PersonaID 1040803887
Name copcapNSK
2.61.0 (www01)