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Ban appeal ii4c


-Ban reason you receive when you get kicked - Usually it says i have high hs/k ratio, or high accuracy in general, but most of the times it just says u were kicked by admin.

-Your player name - ii4c
-Game name (BF4)
-PBGUID(s) of your player(s) - Dont know
-EAGUID(s) of your player(s) - Dont know
-BattlelogID(s)/PersonaID(s) of your player(s) -
-Tell the truth ;) - Back in end of June, beginning of July me and my friend were assignment hunting and some needed kills, so we traded kills. Its strange cause in hardline this never happened.
Btw he then told me i needed to get everything out of red which i did. Since he was banned, but after going to green he got unbanned. This was his appeal.

can you provide those reports ?



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