Author Topic: Automatic-Ban appeal  (Read 379 times)


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Automatic-Ban appeal
« on: December 24, 2018, 15:23:03 »
HSK Automatic Ban [6-M5K-90-115-104-1401]

-2-3 months ago

Hello everyone

After a few years of not playing I decided to boot up bf3 again and started to get these kick messages on some servers.
I've figured out that the reason is the kill to headshot ratio of the MP5K which was at 106/118 (89.83%) when I noticed. I've since then managed to get that down somewhat to 111/159 (69.81%) but since the Automatic Ban is permanent I am restricted from playing my favurite servers.

To be honest, I messed around with some older guys I played with back when I was 13 and we did the Nemesis-Kill-Streak-thingy before I had any idea that that would be considered cheating. Apart from that I can assure you that I've never done anything that would constitute as cheating.

I've spent about a thousand hours on Battlefield and all I want to do is play the game.

If anyone has the time to have a look into this, I'd like to thank you in advance.
Over and out.