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« on: October 09, 2019, 08:57:24 »
Good morning i would like to present you a problem that i have. I sent this message to wbks clan because i have a problem with bf4 servers "Dear Sir
i am writting to you because i have problem with your servers. i am user of
BF4 and i was banned from your servers because i was in METRO in not
accepted area. I didnt want it i just spawned (assault class) in beacon of team member (recon class) and i saw that i was near B in front of elevators but behind a wall and a little higher.I killed my self by the menu option in order to respawn again somowhere else. I joined in the first flag of my team and then in seconds i was kicked and i was banned. The problem is that i
usually play wbks goldmud railway and now i cant play at any server of wbks
clan servers. Please check my account and try to find what it happened
because if you can check it you will realize that i am a daily player of
your servers. My account name is PROBE-GR and i am member since 2012 without
bans at all at bf3 and bf4. I am legal player you can check me at metabans at punkbuster at every site you would like and i had never been a cheater or user of not legal content/program/methods. I made a search at youtube and i saw that a lot of people do crazy things but me i am ready to give you even my account in order to play and see what ever you want if i have cheat.I also would like to inform you that we can have teamviewer connection and check everything in my ssd drive. Sorry for the long message but i believe it is unfair for a moment that i didnt want it i will stop playing at your servers and especially at goldmud. Thank you for your time please inform me for everything you would like to check" and the answer that they gave me is that i have banned by fairplay in bf3. The problem is that i have no idea what to do because i am talking only for bf4 servers and not for bf3 which i have not play it for a lot of years. They to ld me this "Hey,

sorry we cant unban you, because of this..
this ban is based of this one
it is a bf3 ban...

you have to apeal your ban at 24/7, if the set you clean, we can talk again about a unban." The problem is that they see your ban in a game that i dont play. I told them that i was not banned i only see suspicious data from your site and i told them to check aci pb metabns everything. Please help me in order to find a solution. I am talking only for bf4 wbks clan servers and not for bf3