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« on: February 10, 2020, 06:31:03 »
-Supected Cheating
-I Actually didn't play BF3 for a while and when I tried to play with my account I saw that I was "Suspected for Cheating". The stats that are suspicious are:
(HS/K, K/H, KPM in this order)
M249 : 57.89% 64.77% 2.82
MG4 : 33.33% (HS/K)
Quits : 56.57%
This is the only suspicious data I found that is either green or red. I never cheated on this game and it's pretty bad to see getting banned for some "statistics" but I can understand that someone could closet cheating and never get caught. I hope you understand my situations and can un-ban my account. If there is any evidence you need, just feel free to respond. I'm waiting!