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Ban Appeal
« on: February 12, 2020, 21:10:42 »
1. I didn't get a reason, it just said I was banned by fairfight. I was a little confused but I figure this is normal?

2. BuckshotCreampie, BF4, [CAF]BuckshotCreampie

3. Feb 12.

Hi, I wanted to actually explain a few things! Obviously you have my word that I'm not cheating, but since that doesn't mean anything I want to explain why some weapons have high accuracy. So i play on a hardcore server. A lot of the time we're on operation locker pointing down hallways. The snipers are a one hit kill anywhere on the body and its kind of hard to miss when everyone is charging down a tunnel. But more importantly, my clan and I practice together a lot. Since we usually just put an ACOG on the sniper its incredibly hard to miss when you're in a tight CQB map. :P

If there is absolutely anything you need please let me know. I mostly use shotguns [again, operation locker] so if you need anything there please let me know.