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Ban Appeal
« on: May 12, 2020, 11:49:00 »
I was not playing when i get banned here.
Caution: This playername seems to be used by a cheater.

-Your player name: (Poxyist5, LordOfDeadAngels, 10111010000 also but years ago)
-Game name: BF3 and BF4
-PBGUID(s) of your player(s)
-EAGUID(s) of your player(s): Sorry but i didnt figure out any method to find PBGUID or EAGUID
-BattlelogID(s)/PersonaID(s) of your player(s):
BF3 -
BF4 -
-Date you first noticed that you are banned:
October 13, 2019
I was playing on the same server for ~2 days and got banned by an admin on 3rd day. After asking him, he threw a link to my stats on this site and said something like the autoban is smarter than you and me so you are a cheater. Thats how i noticed that i am banned.
-Tell the truth: i did never cheat in any online game but im pretty sure that u see this too often to believe. The fact is that i dont have ANY enormous stats in BF3 and especcialy in BF4. You can see that my accuracy is about 15percent (sure, its a bit higher on sniper rifles and shotguns but still no criminal numbers), my highest killstreak is just 19 and the longest headshot is about 1400 metres. I also didn't use something like texture glithes. 
Things not to do:
-Insults: i am not really good in english language but i hope that i didnt insult anyone with this letter
-Hide information about stuff you did that might caused the ban (Stats padding, glitching): i didnt hide anything because i have nothing to hide.

After all I want to say few words about what I saw when i visited your site for the first time. There were a lot of strange nicknames in Linked Assessments but few of them were familiar to me, they were in my battlelog friendlist (now i can see only my past nicknames in this column). I dont know if it is important but let it be.