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BAN Appeal
« on: December 11, 2020, 19:39:07 »
Hello! This is the message I recieve when trying to connect to a server : PunkBuster kicked player 'Ceilarbg' (for 5 minutes) ... Player Ceilarbg kicked by ACI LiveSecure for GGC-Violation (GAMEHACK) #89241-BF3 [Admin Decision]

My player name is Ceilarbg, however I have been banned under the name johny474
The game is BF3.
EAGUID:    EA_2336D1375CA83C2EB294836A0161530A
PBGUID:   63eceec0e5b935fb7de2503031566a1a

I honestly have no clue when I first realised, however I have recently started playing again and would like to be unbanned, because I can connect only to certain servers.
The only thing I can remember is me and my mate back in 2011, when we were 13 years old. We went into a empty server and farmed each other for some objectives like engineer repair tool kills and such, but nothing major.

Best regards, Ceilarbg.