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Ban Appeal
« on: January 24, 2021, 20:53:40 »
1) MultiHack
sorry i don't understand what PBGUID e EAGUID are... I'm Italian my main lenguage isn't english.
Personaid 900207847
Date i first notice the ban: 20 or 21 january 2021
I found out a few days ago I was banned, almost 3 years ago. I started playing again with a friend of mine and after some time i was kicked out from the server: Multihacking. I never hacked in my life so I searched for the reason why I was suspected hacking. I was banned day 2018-02-25 02:02:30. So I went to my gmail account and I found out that my account, back then, got hacked from Russia. So a people stole my account, played some games (hacking) and then he got banned with my account. I have the screen of the origin's email, that tell me (in italian) that i was hacked. As you can read in the imagenes, my account was hacked january and then after the ban, only after i got it back by putting another password. I'm from Italy and I live only in italy, so RU( Russia) IS NOT MY COUNTRY, and not even UA ( Ukraine) Pls give me back my account. I will be so happy. Sorry for my bad english :)