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Ban Appeal
« on: June 08, 2021, 02:33:37 »
Player name: drigis
Game :BF4
PBGUID: e3ce002888acaec8db364b32442f1c29
EAGUID: dunno how to find this?

First noticed the Ban well...a couple days after it was logged back in 2014-07-05. at the time I didn't appeal since I was mostly playing on community servers then anyway and as I'll explain, wasn't cheating or hacking to begin with.
I'm trying to appeal now cause a couple of friends picked up bf4 through steam and I'd like to be able to play with them with my existing origin account without issue.

Onto the ban itself. Was I cheating/hacking or exploiting the game in any manner back then? Nopes! Do I think the ban was a false positive....sorta? I can;t see the backend analytics of course but I know punkbuster operates by scanning the memory for sin of commonly used cheat programs.

One of which I did have on my computer at the time for use in SP games like borderlands 2 back then, the program in question being cheat engine. Now just having the program given it's name could be a yellow flag I know, but I can assure it was never hooked into BF4 at any point. It was some time ago but I suspect at wort maybe I forgot to close it at some point before a game of BF4? Again though it would have never been hooked into the process though.

Either way that's my full transparency guess as to what happended back then. Never cheated in game and would very much like to give the game another go with my friends. Much appreciated and thannk ya if you actually read all this.