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Ban appeal
« on: June 28, 2021, 21:17:34 »

my ban is consistently stated as "suspicious stats" and when checking my I saw the Longest Nemesis Steak was at 84 and as far as I can tell that's my only red flag, I tried to look at the battlelog for the incident that got me flagged but its unavailable, I vaguely remember a match I had played with 1 other person who was afk on a server that wouldn't populate so I spent 2 hours killing him because of how bored I was and I am going to assume that is the main reason for my consistent getting kicked from servers with the message "YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED" lol

any help would be greatly appreciated as I do miss playing this game and all my friends are back into it thanks to the hype and getting kicked all the time really sucks, anyhoo thanks for the help with having the unban requests available to players.