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Ban Appeal
« on: June 30, 2021, 02:28:53 »
When I get kicked from servers it says I get kicked for punkbuster, and something with bf4db, not sure about bf3

My current player name is Megingrimmr, but I think my username when I got kicked/banned was either Lianor13 or LiamZ0045

I can't really remember which dates I first noticed I was banned or kicked, buut
When I was younger I was a very toxic gamer, and I was bad at most games I played, so I resorted to downloading cheats and "hacks" so that I could feel like I was better than everyone and in power. These cheats included aimbot and wallhacking. When I look back on it I realize how annoying and obnoxious it must have been for others, both people in my team and the opposite team who were trying to play legitimately and have fun. I haven't really tried to appeal the ban for a few years because I haven't played so much of either bf4 or bf3 the last couple of years. Recently I got hyped to play the games again for nostalgia and because they are great games. When I join most servers I instantly get kicked because I've been banned for cheating, which I used to do.

Now that I'm older and have realized and my mistakes and the consequences thereof, it would be a blessing to be able to play these games from my childhood in a legitimate, real, fair way, like I've played the most recent battlefield games and like they are supposed to be played :)
Thank you for reading this, and if it doesn't get appealed, then I guess that's life.

Have a great day, best regards,
// Liam