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Ban Appeal
« on: July 05, 2021, 09:07:41 »

-Game name (RevengerXXL/RevengerXXL)
-PBGUID 239347782a9bea1348eb76e75d50de11
-EAGUID can not find that
-BattlelogID/PersonaID 855583322

-Date you first noticed that you are banned: Today

-Not to sure what to say. But I have not played any Battlefield game in a very long time well over 4 years ago. (Battlefield 1) I vowed never to play BF again. About two years ago I had to get my EA account back after it had been stolen. My friends an I wanted to play APEX and I could not login to my EA account. They kindly fixed the problem and I have not had a problem playing APEX after that. So today, some fellow streamers and I wanted to play some BF4. So I downloaded it and all the expansion packs. I tried to logon to a server and kicked with a message Stating (You are Banned by FairFight) No other reasons given. So after some searching I found this site. . As far as cheating,  It is something I have never done and would fight against it on the regular. I did help to bring down some clan members who were cheaters! I Reported on about 60+. Many of which I have found right here on this board. I had a lot of pissed off people against me. As you can see my stats are quite bad and not indicative of any sort of cheating. Not to sure what suspicious data has been found in the manual assessment, but that seems to be a bit off kilter in my opinion.

Thanks in kind,

P.S. You can always watch my stream and see my game play for yourselves if that will help. I am an old fart who streams and has fun doing so!