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ban appeal
« on: October 21, 2022, 23:57:47 »
Hello, sorry to bother you but I'd like to make a ban appeal for bf3. My in-game name is Ykarrre and my guid is bf9a8676288f048c41456dd69831995d I think. So I can't connect myself on most bf3 servers and I think this is because I have unwanted boosted stats.This is because some years ago I unknowingly played on a server which boosted xp, like it counted 10000 kills for every actual kill in the game. I've contacted game admins of the jah warrior servers and they told me I was banned for crash attempt reasons because in the past players with high stats could actully make the game crash. So I wondered if you could help in any way, because bf3 is out for 11 years now and people don't really care that much about stats, they just want to play against other players and they don't care if they have a 100 or 0.1 kd in their battlelog stats. Thank you if you can take the time to answer me