Author Topic: Ban Appeal - GROM_combatant  (Read 813 times)


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Ban Appeal - GROM_combatant
« on: April 26, 2019, 20:39:47 »

    -Your player name : GROM_combatant
    -Game: BF3

    Story: I was living in the dormitory while back, when was studying at university. I started playing BF3 at that dorm, this was a technical university and we had a special program where you could rent a computer good enough to study and do homework with engineering programs. Computers were owned by the University. Each student given the laptop had a designated number, you got a password and a card to use this computer while you were living at a university dormitory. It was my primary laptop back then, it became a gaming laptop too, since gaming performance were pretty good on it. I played BF3 on this laptop too.

Approximately 3 years ago when I was actively playing I was asked on some server about by "SUSPICIOUS" flag here, on this website. I've checked and my account was linked to the account that was banned by PunkBuster Globally. This person is not me and has no connection to me. I then tried to appeal this ban here and got a "MANUAL" suspected cheating flag afterwards. I don't remember exactly what was on that appeal thread, but I remember that I pointed out that I was living in the dorm at that moment and the person reviewing it said that it wasn't the case and it was probably somehow linked to my computer. This is my second try. I now have left that place long time ago. The first university laptop was in my usage for about a year and a half, if I recall correctly. Afterwards I got a university Think Pad on Masters. I've stopped gaming from that time and now was revisiting the BF3 from my own computer. I can't get on many populated servers because of this link.
I encourage you to check all my stats, IP's and HWID's if necessary. I am also open to provide you with any additional information if you might need it.

Thank you.

With best regards