Author Topic: Ban appeal and suspicious stats  (Read 1333 times)


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Ban appeal and suspicious stats
« on: July 09, 2019, 06:39:31 »
Player name: oP_Blaze
Game name: Battlefield 4
My BF4 GUID: a14c6389c2395f743169a5077e99a0d4
My EA GUID: EA_8E0A6E994D2D0958525CE52119D000EF
My BattlelogID:

Please forgive me my bad English.
Hello, dear admins of 247fairplay. I'm Blaze, feeder (player who shoots the moments) from OurPerspective Team.
A couple of days ago, I was banned on one of the servers. One player wrote to the chat that I'm a cheater, and reported this to the server admin. I talked to the server admin, and he explained to me that he had observed a heightened damage from me. I was confused. I said that on my screen I see bad hitreg. I explained, perhaps this is due to the fact that my ping is jumping and some packages that contain damage data are lost, as a consequence, the damage could be counted in a larger volume. After talking a bit more, he unblocked me. I'm being offended by the fact that I'm considered a fraud, cuz I'm in a certain sense a media personality and this affects not only my reputation, it can also tell on the reputation of my team, although if u look at the statistics, there are no particularly prominent suspicious data, besidnes a Longest Kill Streak is and Longest Nemesis Streak as well as headshots with railgun. I can explain the suspicions regarding these positions. I wanted to get a phantom bow and I needed to complete the assignment "PHANTOM INITIATE" get 200 LMG kills. I don't like LMG and never play with 'em, so I asked a my friend to help me with the farming that assignment. We found the server 1vs1 and completed the get 200 LMG kills assignment. I think that the farm isn't prohibited, as we didn't interfere with anyone, cuz we played against each other on a server created for one-on-one games. Pls, can you give an official answer about whether I'm a cheater or not?
I hope u will help me. Thank u so much.