Author Topic: Ban Appeal - BF  (Read 356 times)


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Ban Appeal - BF
« on: January 02, 2021, 13:38:12 »
Hello everyone,

-Ban reason received: (Grund: DPS Automatic Ban [4-MP443TACT-55-100-6-180] [perm][AutoAdmin] )

-player name: ExoChEes_200
-Game name: BF3
-PBGUID: bce8bbdce417f524778b1b8ac7ad958e
-EAGUID: EA_A6C052882ACA3B70DA00A961239136E7
-BattlelogID(s)/PersonaID(s) of your player(s)
-Date you first noticed that you are banned: years ago but i didnt play for years
I just want to play a little with my friends but some server just kick me
Tell me what ist my fault?
I dont even know how to cheat/hack or somthing like that.