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Ban Appeal BF3
« on: October 11, 2020, 00:39:04 »
Hi, my name is FeatureL.


HSK Automatic Ban [6-MG36-72-206-150-1171] [perm][AutoAdmin]

My data:

Playername: FeatureL
Game: BF3
PersonaID: 345980308

My Ban Appeal:

I have noticed a long time ago that i am banned from various servers. But i didnt know how to unban, until now i found this forum.
I have locked Stats for BF3 that a impossible for humans. In the early days of BF3 me and some friends joint a few servers and boosted our weapons to get all things unlocked. For this we stand in a circle and give us every time headshots. This is the reason why i have such impossible stats like H/S rates or longest kill streak.

Now after years of inactivity i wanted to play some old school BF3 but i am banned on almost every server. I hope i can get unbanned and sorry for my bad englisch :)