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Ban appeal FPSsweden
« on: August 23, 2018, 15:17:28 »
Hi, my name is Aza but on origin/ BF4 it is FPSsweden

I have decided to appeal because I get kicked from 24/7 servers for "Suspicous Cheating" when i attempt join.

My name on origin is : FPSsweden same on bf3 and bf4.
PBGUID : a0a9672ac4e5bc6068aa1d67c261dd67
EAGUID : I could not find a way to get my GUID for EA.
Battlelog ID: FPSsweden
The date i first noticed was around maybe 1-2 years ago but today i found out for appeal.

So I got banned for suspicous cheating BUT i was not cheating but i can say that before the ban i had played on assignment server to unlock guns and attachment. The server is called RibbonHunter. But I did not use any cheat/hack and I regret going on that server. I'd really like to get unbanned cause I really like 24/7 servers and want to play with my friends on them.

Kind Regards - Aza or FPS

If you can help me get the  EAGUID i would be glad to give it to you! :)