Author Topic: ban appeal HEMPseeeds  (Read 325 times)


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ban appeal HEMPseeeds
« on: January 04, 2022, 01:17:19 »
You have been kicked out of the game by FairFight. Stated Reason: 1 Week Suspension - LvL3 Monitoring Active # UYt8E5
After some time, I got banned forever, I don't remember how long it has passed since the first blocking for a week.
I got the first ban when there was a bug in the game, for some reason my grenade launchers fired almost without reloading, it was on the map "factory 311" I remember it was strange until I got a ban, sometimes the sounds of vehicles disappear in the game.
I called the ea support service, they told me that you had an "anomaly" in a week, you will be able to play, everything is fine, I was playing and everything was fine, but I didn't get into the jet on the "Valley of Dragons" map
Tangash on my jet is located on the "alt" key, I press and get banned.
I didn’t curse much in the chat and didn’t advertise anything.
I want to continue playing on my account, it's a pity to lose such achievements and the time spent in the game.