Author Topic: Ban Appeal L3Mailman37 in BF4  (Read 768 times)


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Ban Appeal L3Mailman37 in BF4
« on: February 05, 2019, 21:17:25 »

I've returned to playing BF4 after a long break, perhaps a year or so. This past week (end of January/beginning of February 2019) I've seen the automatic ban message of "DPS Famas" on several servers. This confused me quite a bit so I googled around and found your forum here. Looking at my stats on your site, I can see that my K/H for the Famas is in the yellow. I'm guessing this is "kill per hit". None of my other weapons that I use more frequently have this high of a number in the column. I would attribute that to the 3 shot burst on the Famas. The likelihood of getting a kill when a hit is landed increases quite a bit when firing in those 1000rpm bursts, I would imagine. I think if you were to look at all my stats, you'd see that this is an outlier, a gun that I must have had a hot streak with. Nothing else is all that remarkable in terms of accuracy. I love the idea of cross game bans and I'm glad someone has finally done something about cheating, as it has ruined so many games for me in the past. I'm hoping that you will reconsider your decision to ban me as I am not a cheater and very much wish to uphold the integrity of the gaming community.


Player name and Battlelog ID: L3Mailman37

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