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Ban Appeal MeowSau
« on: September 18, 2018, 15:38:15 »
Hello, the reason I got banned from my fav bf4 server was "Fairfight says you suspicious", and that was it. It happened a little while ago.
My infos:
Player Name: [GB] MeowSau
PBGUID: 075bb111950d46b12b395ded3d25125a
PersonaID: 786942138

I never cheated in this game ever. As you can see on my battlelog I am often Top Fragger, generally having a good K/D, but why am I being punished for just being a good Player? I also checked other Accounts of my friends (as well as real life friends), many of em are "linked to a suspicious player". Because we were in a big Clan, I assume we both added someone once, who was hacking, I dont really know. Its just weird, that we both are linked suspicious, and we both never cheated hmmm..
Anyway, thank you for your time! If I can provide any other information, I´d be glad to do so!
Have a good one. :)