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Ban appeal sabadyCZ
« on: September 18, 2018, 19:39:15 »

more than 2 years ago (2016) I have receive an e-mail from EA saying that I had received a ban for cheating for one week on my Battlfield 4 account. I immediately write back what does it mean, because I didn't play BF4 for long time since 2015 so it couldn't be me. Nothing changed. After a week my statistics have been sadly reset and the ban was removed. At least I could play BF4 again... But when I want to play now I can't. Almost on every server I get ban or kick for a ban I had. That was strange. Battlelog write me this:

Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: [BF4DB] FairFight. Appeal at [BF4DB]

When I click at the link and look at game statistics it says I had 35 rank. It isn't true. I have never reached so high rank like that.

Today I discovered this site with my ban and saw the problem. Somebody really used my account for cheating. There are many linked assessments. I don't know any of these accounts. I have only one account. Here are my game reports Almost everywhere you can see my noob score, but at the bottom is something suspicious. KD like 118:25 or 17:2. The date of these reports were recorded 2 years ago. Same year as I got a ban from EA or from whom. So how can it be possible when EA removed my ban, but in BF4 database the ban still exists? I don't use any VPN services or another tunneling. There must be somewhere IP address logs from what countries this hacker/s logged in so it could be confirmed. I really don't know what to do.

My player/game name is: sabadyCZ
Link to my account:

You can take a look in the attachment. There is a screenshot of the mail in the zip I received from EA 2 years ago. It is in my language but the most important is second sentence. In english it means I got temporary ban for 168 hours (one week).

You can also take a look on my old Steam account and make sure I'm not a cheater

Thank you for you patience.