Author Topic: Ban Appeal - Stated reason: suspect cheating!  (Read 825 times)


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Ban Appeal - Stated reason: suspect cheating!
« on: October 20, 2019, 20:12:43 »
-Ban reason you receive when you get kicked - Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: suspect cheating! (247) [perm][Kim_Meow_Jong-un]
 (i played yesterday 19.10.2019 whole day without any issues or anyone blaming that i was cheating)

-Your player name 2Senrealisointi

-Game name BF3

-PBGUID(s) of your player(s) - 5ae0c95b808638f37908f8258970b5a2

-EAGUID(s) of your player(s) - EA_C2B1233AC515C8FB6D8D8D9460A62BD0

-BattlelogID(s)/PersonaID(s) of your player(s)

-Date you first noticed that you are banned
6.2.2015 when i was browsing through settings of my origin account and noticed that there was games bought from russia and have been playing battlefield 3.

-Tell the truth ;)
when i noticed that someone from russia have been using my origin account, i immediately changed my password and set 2fa.

this first name is what i set 29.6.2013 when i started playing bf3 -

this second is from time when there was already russian person using it same time and i wasn't actively playing bf3 at that time. -

before i noticed suspicious activity, i randomly (once per month) logged in and added that one free game to my library what origin was offering back in days.

thats all. i hope i gave enough information to understand what happened in this situation. and please ask if you need something else to know.
thanks anyway.