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Ban Appeal WBKS GoodFood2K16
« on: December 20, 2018, 20:41:08 »

Here i am again, i got banned for my high kill per minuts around half a year ago, got unbanned... and now i got banned again.
So, to spare some time:

all my info is found in here.

I am an Administrator for WBKS, which holds several of the most populair servers on battlefield, I am also Moderator of BF4DB and banned over 500 cheaters.

Administrator role WBKS:
Moderator role BF4DB:

I play only metro with an agressive playstyle and always run with knife. I only have my gun in hand if i expect to fight. Next to this i am experienced and win a lot of fights. i practise daily on and aim400kg.

i have proven with this i am not cheating, could you please unban me, or show me your evidence that i am cheating. I am also an admin, i also do a lot of anti cheat. i am sure we can work this out together.