Author Topic: Ban Appeal - youlikeicecream / DirtyLittleGoat  (Read 11367 times)


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Re: Ban Appeal - youlikeicecream / DirtyLittleGoat
« Reply #45 on: August 24, 2017, 16:12:50 »
Ban wont be lifted since if you check you are banned by EA/FairFight not 247fairplay. So simply you will have to ask for ban appeal at EA and if they say Ban is staying then there is nothing else you can do :/

I'm not banned here Jake. FariFight don't operate on BF3, also a ToS ban isn't cheating; I could have had an unacceptable emblem or talked smack on the forums. I don't know why you want all my accounts banned, but, the common advice on this site given to cheaters is that they have to buy a new account after being caught. What's the point in buying a new account if brigaders like you and Pedro continue to harass people on clean accounts?

I have tried to resolve the issue with EA, EA are not interested, EA won't even tell me what I did other than "please read the ToS". 247fairplay maintains a link between that account and my current playing accounts, including another seed yet my stats and my record are perfectly clean on GGC, PBBANS etc.

Where is the forum admin @Fair_Admin, I can see they have posted other comments on other threads, let's get this thread resolved.

thats what i just said, xD i know you aren't banned here, yet your doing ban appeal here. So thats why i told you "You are not banned by 247fairfight. You are banned by EA/DICE and that you should do ban appeal at EA. So if you read my post again you will see what i said before you told me you arent banned here.


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Re: Ban Appeal - youlikeicecream / DirtyLittleGoat
« Reply #46 on: August 24, 2017, 16:29:14 »
What's the point of maintaining a link to a ToS violation? Just to maintain persecution of perfectly clean accounts? No further action is required of 3rd party sites in terms of sanctioning an account that I had a dispute with EA about, I would like the linked account information unlinked from the accounts youlikeiceceam/dirtylittlegoat . The account has been deleted by EA at my request and can no longer be accessed, there is also an outstanding request to remove the soldiers from battlelog; whether that happens is another question but it has been requested.

Do any 247fairplay admins still use this site?


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Re: Ban Appeal - youlikeicecream / DirtyLittleGoat
« Reply #47 on: September 11, 2017, 20:02:34 »
hey youlikeicecreame

just as yellow said , try contact stitarex , he should respond and check your case ,

me and yellow had our own servers as well , and when he was head admin at mhsv , we seeded our server for a loooong time to , with our only account , as its not against the rules ,
especially if you start a new server , you gotta seed it to even attract people ,

i seeded our server ( WWS - GGC ) for long periods of times while doing work on the other screen , and played some with the first people that joined , and went into spectator once the server was filling up quiet a bit ,

your protection from yellow will help quiet a lot , yellow is one of the more known admins , known for being a neutral admin , he would not protect anyone if he wasn't 1000% sure, and admins and server owners who check your protection will take that into mind ,

after me and yellow went busting a hacker on TRM , he protected me to , and some admins who thought i was a cheater because i had bans on my account , did see the protection as for why i got banned , and didn't kick/ban me of their server ,

so i hope this and hopefully striterax can help you out ,

happy playing