Author Topic: Ban Appeals and suspicious stats  (Read 56 times)


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Ban Appeals and suspicious stats
« on: December 02, 2018, 21:26:09 »
Please forgive me my bad English.

Hello everyone, I am a player playing battlefield 4 from the beginning, I made more than 1000 in BF3/4, but I have constant problems with append to the servers.
The reason is always the same Suspected cheating, which makes frustrating for me to continue the game. Also today an admin banned me because he saw this stats, now i cant play in my favoutite server. The suspicious stasts are the hight % of headshot whit some guns. There is an easy explanation, i played a lot trying to do only headshot and 1vs1 whit my friends whit the only headshot rule or killing each ather to unlock new gun. These are my friend same thing appned to them for the same reason.

How it looks in the game:
Log on to the server, the Welcome screen appears, and half of the time I see a black screen pops up below the red message that says suspected cheating and the % of HS or during the game admin kick or ban me

Tell the truth:
I never in my life used cheats, I did not use programs like aimbot, wallhack etc.
I am a player who plays fair at all times.

Player Information:

Player name: ELICRISO
Game: Battlefield 3/4


Date that I first noticed this ban: years ago

Please help me in this particular case.