Author Topic: Banned for Suspicious Stats (M9 accuracy 76.72)  (Read 1425 times)


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Banned for Suspicious Stats (M9 accuracy 76.72)
« on: March 12, 2019, 13:48:19 »
Player name: Lt-Adam_pliskin
Game: BF4
Battlelog ID:
Date noticed: Today (by BF4DB Admin)
BF4DB Ban Appeal Thread:

Hello everyone, I've been given a link from a BF4DB to this site notifying me that I've been banned from here, I've been banned from BF4DB 8 months I believe I noticed a few weeks ago and contacted them to admit my wrong doings and explained everything to them (I've given a link to the forum thread of my ban appeal) My ban appeal was accepted by them after investigation and so one of the admins sent me a link and now I gotta explain everything to you guys too! :)

Okay so to explain, My M9 pistol accuracy is that high due to my prior actions of getting into a match and trade kills with a friend I met there, at that time I thought it was a good idea to trade kills and to make it worst I only did head-shots (wonderful thinking I know) and to make things even worst all Battle-Reports are gone and I did the trade kills a few years ago, I cannot even show the battle report and I am deeply sorry for the hassle, I'm guilty for what I did and I humbly ask to be exonerated and to be forgiven for my actions. Thank you for your time.