Author Topic: BF3 Ban Appeal  (Read 227 times)


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BF3 Ban Appeal
« on: April 05, 2022, 21:26:25 »
PunkBuster kicked player 'Ural_Jellyfish' (for 5 minutes) ... Player Ural_Jellyfish kicked by ACI LiveSecure for ACI-PB-VIOLATION-71256-BF3 [Admin Decision]
My player and origin name is Ural_Jellyfish and fairplay SUSPECTED CHEATING on my account in 2014.
I don't really know what is PBGUID and EAGUID.
I've been playing bf3 for almost 8 years and there are less and less servers. When I've got that account from a school friend of mine I've been seeing kicks from some servers with ACI-PB-VIOLATION error, I didnt mention it then (when you don't know English well it's easier to forget about that error yeah) but now there's almost no place to play. I've googled the problem and there's forum where people say that I have to appeal my ban. I'm not even sure should I appeal it at evenbalance, fairplay or ACI. haha.
I'm honest player who've been raising my skill and rank for years, and I just need a place to battle when the game is slowly dying. I play like one time in a six months, so I kindly ask you to remove this violation from my account.
Sincerely, Alex.
PS. I can provide you with any proof of my fair play.
PPS. Sorry for the grammar, I'm not fluent in English :v