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BF4 HSK Ban I guess



I got a problem, everytime when I try to join certain servers I get the message "Kicked/ Banned by an Admin...".
Could you check whats going on with my profile? I don't cheat or do anything else that could cause a ban or a kick.
I already talked to a Admin on a server were I'm banned on and he has send me this (look in the attachments) mby that's why I keep getting kicked or banned?

Btw. my ingame name is: Voldi1989

Mby someone can help me out here thanks!

I dont even think anyone looks at these boards anymore. id just get another CD key for $5.99 at CD keys - BF3 premium with paypal is $10 but with paypal discount 5.99 which is what I did. no biggie bro. we wont be running any of these "anti cheats" that are bogus on the BF3 reality mod we are releasing in 2 days.


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