Author Topic: I would like an opinion before an appeal  (Read 502 times)


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I would like an opinion before an appeal
« on: September 12, 2019, 04:30:39 »
Hi guys! my case concerns an account problem with a ban, and before explaining the truth about everything that has happened I would like an opinion on 2 accounts I own
in 2016 I got a bf4 full dlcs 500h and a bf3 premium 490h username: Maxilpacoxx1
the account in question received a ban on bf3 for no reason, and no bf4 bans and they told me that I had to buy another cd.key bf3. so in 2018 I bought another Bf3 premium on another account, 200h later I received another ban and the account in question user: isf-dexter.
I state that in the past in 2014 I rightly received a ban for bf3 but that all the bans received after 2014 are unfair because I have never used hacks.
Can you look at my Maxilpacoxx1 and isf-dexter statistics to see if I'm actually a cheater?
somebody can give me information on how to dissolve at least the unjustly received bans?