Author Topic: Problem with unknown accounts linked to my ID causing tiresome hackusations  (Read 199 times)


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my stats links:

My problem is my account is linked with different ID-s that I've never used. and it causes suspicion by admins and players and its getting tiresome. more specifically they are accusing me "200%  damage hacks". when checking my fairplay stats only 2xx% I see is on BF4 Spyder knife and greener ones with HS/K are snipers, dmrs and revolver..... I guess those linked accounts cheated and it somehow i am to blame? My past Origin ID-s have been for past 10 years: Neiserti, Laneiv, LevelBF-Levani, -LvL-Levani, Levaanii. this is it. i also dont have a "smurf" account.

 Also I am sure my account was never hacked too, i've 2fa enabled and strong password too. pls help if possible unlink this accounts, I just want to play game. Thank you.