Author Topic: Removal of the tag "SUSPECTED CHEATING"  (Read 162 times)


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Removal of the tag "SUSPECTED CHEATING"
« on: November 23, 2020, 18:29:18 »
Dear Admins,
due to many admins valuing the judgment of your services very highly, I get in trouble for the conclusion they come to because of it quite often.
I do not get kicked by 247fairplay directly though. My player name is DIVlNO (BF3) and I admit to boosting the stats of my weapons in a way that allowed
me to get the highest percentage of probability of cheating on (Cheat-O-Meter). Firstly, I did this by abusing the mechanic of
how Kills per minute (KPM) is calculated. Basically, it's a computation of the number of kills I get with a specific weapon in a certain time frame. The
important aspect, and also the one I abused, is that it doesn't count the time you have the weapon in your loadout and run around, but only the time
you actively hold it in your hands. Knowing this, I deliberately switched to one of my gadgets, like the medkit or defibrillator (as a medic), immediately after spawning
to not have the time, where I am not shooting count into the calculation. Only when I was sure I could kill someone, like when being directly behind them, I switched to the weapon and
began shooting. After that, I would switch back to a gadget. This process resulted in inflated stats of 20-30 kpm because it only counted the few seconds
I got my gun out to shoot somebody. The second thing I did to achieve these, under normal circumstances, unrealistic statistics was to aim for a headshot
rate (HS/K) of 100%, while compromising for it by dying many times when I was not sure, I would get the headshot.  I hope the way I described my
approach brought some clarity to the situation and also explained how these stats are possible without actually cheating. I would be more than grateful,
if you considered removing or resetting my "Locked BF3 Battlelog Stats" in order for admins to see that I am in fact not cheating and by the time you see
this my actual "Current BF3 Battlelog Stats" should no longer be in the "red area".
Battlefield 3 is the game I love and I regret abusing these mechanics for undeserved attention.

Here is some more information I think could be of use:
EAGUID: EA_EC021BA0F459A356312CB14BD3B78893
PBGUID: b6dd0520256aaeb12ff06a9417c06a1c

Kind regards Divino