Author Topic: Why am I blocked  (Read 42 times)


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Why am I blocked
« on: July 04, 2019, 16:36:56 »
-Ban reason you receive when you get kicked: Suspicious statistics

-Your player name: KOT1646
-Game name (BF3 or BF4 or BF3/BF4): BF4
-PBGUID(s) of your player(s): 60e1583e4f06553730af0760c7e8f2e1
-EAGUID(s) of your player(s) I dont know
-BattlelogID(s)/PersonaID(s) of your player(s) :
-Date you first noticed that you are banned
-Tell the truth ;): 03.07.2019
I have never used something forbidden, I had a clan, both in BF3 and BF4. And I would be ashamed if I used something.