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Finding wrong player, can I search by PersonaID?


I've had this happen a couple of times before, where I search for a player, but then I realize that the stats on here don't match their stats on Battlelog, because it has found a different player with a different PersonaID, and there seems to be no way for me to find the right player. If we could search by PersonaID, it would solve the problem. I'm not sure exactly how this is happening, but it has happened more than once.

Right now, searching for the player "DinoDElorentis" here finds a guy with PersonaID 1048590981 and 5447 AEK kills.
But searching for that name on Battlelog finds a different guy with PersonaID 365684107 and only 367 AEK kills.
By putting the PersonaID of the guy listed on 247fairplay into Battlelog, I found him there:
Maybe they changed their names recently? Guy on 247fairplay has added a "u" in his name, then the other account took the old name on battlelog?
But still, it means that I cant find the account i meant to find in 247fairplay.

So, I was hooping there was some way to get around this issue, and if not, the ability to search by PersonaID instead of only by name, might solve the problem.
I hope grizzly is still interested in working on the site, though.  :-\
I'm also curious to see if maybe this issue sort of fixes on its own after awhile, and finds the same player as Battlelog.

so, PersonaID 365684107 guy later changed his name to Qartweli
And now he can be found on 24/7 fairplay without issue
I can now clearly see he has suspicious stats(before I had to manually calculate his ratios from his battlelog stats to see if he had suspicious stats), seems he may have purposely tricked 24/7 fairplay into finding a different player so admins would look up the wrong player and not see his suspicious stats. Again, I ask for the ability to search by Persona ID please <3


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