Author Topic: Guys your Ban tool is totally worthless and not 100% sure !!!  (Read 1091 times)


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Hello, as stated in the threat topic, this anti cheat tool is not 100% reliable! I have already played Battlefield and the admins of the tool didn't even know what BF3 was, I was one of the official beta testers. So my stats are good! I am also a hardcore player. In hardcore mode the damage is a lot higher than in normal mode! However, the program does not recognize this and you will be banned immediately! Metabans is not an EA approved anti cheat tool for the servers! Even the Metabans homepage does not exist! My name is not found in the Cheat Finder either! This program is more than questionable! And then you read here that you should reduce your stats at BF3 in order to be unbanned ?! Guys what the hell? I think you have no idea about the gameplay in hardcore right ?! With the PKM in HC mode and standing, the thing is so accurate that you can easily do headshots! 2 of my stats are a bit higher one yellow one red that has nothing to do with cheating, that's called skill! And as a beta player, I don't think this anti cheat tool is okay! This tool neither records the life of the opposing player nor whether the server settings are normal or hardcore! Making a program like this is one thing I think is good too ... BUT if you do something like that, then FAIR and properly! Your program bans players who are just better than you! And now, imagine there are better ones than you;) If you do something like that then FAIR as I said. With your tool, it is no longer possible for good players to enjoy the game. Or should I stand up and let myself be shot until you think the stats fit again ?! Think about what you give of yourselves !? In addition, this tool does not recognize server pings etc., which can lead to incorrect information! I was banned with the message AutoAdmin DPS Autobann but DPS as if I didn't even fire a shot finds the error! And again in the HC the DPS of the weapons are higher than in normal mode!

And im sure im not alone with this opinion!


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Re: Guys your Ban tool is totally worthless and not 100% sure !!!
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Sorry to bust your happy bubble.

Your damage modifier stands out like a beacon in the night.