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Request for removal of topic [Google Privacy Issues]

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I think what you are talking about is the information I want, which I want to be involved with.


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@iso9002 I would find it a more professional manner by replying to my case as a moderator of this website. My request has nothing to do with the service of this website. My request claims a removal of my topics because links and personal information is included of me and clients of mine. This request purely rests on the case of privacy and google search restrictions. Adding URLS of a video by a german hack team that hacked several legal bf4 accounts does not contribute to this issue. I would like a more professional approach from you regarding this issue.
Thank you.
PS: for your information:
Fact1: the hack video with the evidence is using german from Germany as main language. I speak dutch cause I'm from Belgium. So i always have bf installed in english. Germany is 341 miles away from my location.
Fact2: my username was also edited to a clan if you check very closely in the video they've edited my username with the prefix [4SS]. If you look for that clan on this link ""
You will see I'm far from the only victim.
Fact3: I learned the hard way that I had to use 2 way verification. Now nobody ever accessed my account again so now I can play as the fair gamer which I've always been. EA support told me that they could confirm the different ip logins from my account. But there is nothing they could do about that.

But ofcourse I'm not here to convince you guys from the truth, all I'm asking is a removal of all my topics.
Cause it would be very sad that I'd have to contact the host for privacy issues.


they are 0 personal information.

I don't see your real name, I don't see your address

you can't even prove this is your account.


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