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Request for removal of topic [Google Privacy Issues]

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URL to topic :

Since private messaging moderators and administrators several times does not help. I'm making my request here.

I would like above topic to be deleted or edited since the url that has been used to upload files has now issues due to Google search privacy.
When for now I search with the keywords of my hosting site...Fairplay comes as the 8th suggestion in Google.

Ofcourse I would like this issue to be undone.

I hope by making my request visible for everyone, I will now hopefully get a response by an admin or moderator

Good day

Loki 999:
post not remove for cheater :  yuo are Banned by EA/FairFight  ... YUOR PROFILE PLAYER IS RESET READ TOS EA

Loki 999:

Loki 999:
Cheater = Hacker come crying to have your posts removed. when you and your friends hacker / Cheater ... ruin a good game .... you do not remove anything ... we also put your own image that you have published  here: yuor profile Battlelog:

be careful to be hackers and forbidden by law and you will be punished



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