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In recent months I and others in CCG have noticed a trend in suspect players returning zero stats in your database. Such a high percentage of these end up banned on server and indeed through BF4DB that I must assume there is some cheat out there preventing your database obtaining information from the cheating accounts. Now I am aware this "could" be a bug caused by something completely innocent, but given that I have random checked 50+ accounts who play our server regularly who are not suspect and found NO "zero stat" returns, but around 50% of the suspect accounts I am checking on a regular basis have this problem.... I have very strong suspicions this is being done deliberately. not the best example, but a player who plays way above his experience 38% cheat score and rising banned for aimbot linked to banned by PB for multihack another multihack ban at bf4db stats ban BF4DB stats ban BF4DB take your pick. 3 accounts all banned.

this is just a handful of examples.... if I had time to go through 79 pages of server bans and double that of suspect players I would find dozens of them....

is there a hacking tool that stops your engine gathering stats? thanks in advance :)

No cheat. A fix is needed for 247FP that allows it to work with the longer Persona ID's which EA started using since the beginning of this year.

The Persona ID is the number in the BF4DB URL (

Okay, I can see how that might cause a problem on newly created accounts.... but many of these are far from new, so they would not be affected surely?

If a profile has a long persona ID, they are affected. Do not know exactly when EA started using them, could be earlier then januari. But back in januari I believe we added a fix for it to our site. But certainly not a cheat. You can not block stats for one particular site nor can you block stats obtained on ranked servers.

All stats showed on any BF4 stats engine are obtained from the same source: battlelog. When one does not show those stats, it's a problem on that site.

Okay Scavenger, cheers for the info.... I'll be taking a look at some of the accounts I find with zero stats and checking their age and persona ID to see if there's any that are zero stats with the shorter ID numbers..... will post here if I find any, thanks :)

although.... if you added a fix for it...… how come we are seeing so many players affected, and if there's no known method of blocking the stats, how come I have yet to come across one zero stats account that is from a player that I would consider 100% legit? I know the majority of accounts that use hacks are newer ones bought cheap just for the purpose but even so.... I check a few at random regularly, and I cant recall one with zero stats on here that hasn't made the "suspect" list for me.

*edit* without me spending hours searching..... what is the difference in length of the old and new persona IDs?


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