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How is it that you can ban some one for a gun you have said is glitched or bugged out for 99 years and hackers only get 1 day or a month or a year ban.  You admitted that a particular gun was bugged and has that has been from the start.  Your system isn't perfect and never has been.  Only a couple of times I have seen a couple of legit hackers banned from BF3/4.  People report those and they get a weeks ban. 

I have spoken with EA on this issue so many times and they agreed that a particular gun is bugged and they haven't fixed it in any of there patches.  You have said your self the gun is bugged and you still because of the METADATA.  So if the gun is bugged then the metadata is bugged and false. 

Banning people for an issue with the bug isn't our problem we didn't know about the bug until you mentioned it.  So how are we suppose to know if the gun is bugged.  So this makes your system flawed in a lot of ways for reading a false metadata report. 

Now i know you look me up and anyone i am associated with  standard practice.  This I would do too.

But banning for a gun that is bugged for shooting 2 bullets without knowing it was doing it with a 99 year ban that really sucks and proves a big point.   But then trying to change the subject during the appeal to try and cover up your process and then trying to bring in other parties to the play when it was about one person sorry guys but so many people see through your bullshit too many time.   

People are taking about the cover ups of the real hackers out there fix the system and look at the cases with your eyes and you will see that some aren't hacking and the people who are hacking a just getting a slap on the wrist.   Or is there under table dealing happening here come on guys how can some be hacking with a gun that is bugged and has been admitted by 2 preferred parties.

I mean seriously you guys must feel really good about yourself and there has been a so much talk about how flawed the systems calling it a lot of names which i couldn't even spell. 

The system should have been kept to hardware scans for the software on the system.  This use to rat out the hackers.  Metadata can be false as proven in the past. 

So you can't the innocent people that your system is perfect or flawless.  Prove has been prevailed  as to how this doesn't work.

We are the real players that keep the system honest and moving forward, the hackers are the ones letting the system fail.

Now i have counter measure all you responses and how you will react and what you will try and say.

If the ban is that big then why haven't they banned the whole EA account.   We only live for so long. 

your "friend" need to appeal his ban for himself.

do you know the definition of insanity ?

iso9002:     105 kills -  117 headshots     100  kills -  127 headshots

longest nemesis  kill  30 ...

if your friend trade kill, we want the battlereport.

if you think those stats are legit ,  you are naive,  mischievous or just plain stupid.

p.s.   your channel sucks :

I can't stand to watch more then 20 sec of your videos.

Not my channel for a start so yeah nice try, definition of insanity has proved who you really are now and proven how small you think, and if he has cheated then why is this the only place he is banned from.   You have proven once again how weak you are and how much you really know about someone.  Pathetic little humans right here.  You said it your self the gun in question was flawed EA origin and Dice has said it was flawed so your system is flawed. 

All you people can do is threaten and call out names pathetic like I said.  No one is perfect.  Oh and i have checked your stats and everything so who is being questioned here and what are you people really hiding.  Ask your self real questions not questions that seem to try and find an answer for it's self but a question that can be answered from a true point of view.  and really 99 years for that you people are a joke with in a joke that don't turn out to be fun but a sad line waiting to to happen.

Oh and he did appeal it and he has been looking in to other ways to clear his name I have gamed with alot, the games are flawed and the system flawed and yet you are treating this as though it is a perfect system.


i rest my case.


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