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Cross-Game Bans!?


We decided to provide Cross-Game Bans for two reasons:

1. Provide a fair and fun gameplay for every player.
We think that cheaters not only ruin gameplay for the players directly killed by them, but also show a disrespect towards gaming and fair competition in general. This disrespect is not tied to a single game, but to the person behind it.

2. Increase risk/punishment for cheaters.
Without Cross-Game Bans the punishment for using a cheat is not that big. The player is banned in that game. When the next iteration comes out (BF3 -> BF4) the player is not affected by the old ban if he just plays the current title. Therefore the risk the player took in the first place is not big. We like to increase this risk a bit.

Cross-Game Bans have one clear message: DO NOT CHEAT!


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