Author Topic: How to beat a cheater  (Read 1148 times)


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How to beat a cheater
« on: October 12, 2016, 02:12:19 »
I'm new here. Trying to get a "suspected cheating" removed from my name. Stats engine is mistaken.

Thought I'd share how my friends and I beat on cheaters when they are on the server.

This doesn't work without a few friends - Minimum it takes two of you communicating with voice. Three or more is even better.

1) Your friend switches to the cheater's team and deploy's C4/Landmines around the cheater and you blow it up with an MAV.
2) Your friend switches to the cheater's team and tells you where the cheater is. You drop UCAVs on the cheater's head.

In the event the cheater goes in his own squad and locks it... (They think they are so smart)

3) Your friend switches teams and becomes the enemy commander - tells you where he is - continue with UCAV bombardment.
4) Jumping cheaters (The hack that lets them jump 200 feet up) are easy to spot parachuting and like eating UCAVs when they are up there.

5) There is a new hack that lets them shoot you no matter where you are at on the map. It doesn't seem to be able to shoot you out of a tank. With your friend telling you where the cheater is, go stomp them.

6) You can get shot out of jets, but I have found that if you fly erratic (never fly strait), the shots will miss you most of the time. Have your friend help you find the cheater and JDAM them from 700 meters up. 

7) Taunt the cheater. Bet them they cannot go 100 - 0. The more kills they get, the closer they are to a Fairfight ban.
This seems to happen to them around Rank 12-15.

8) Spectate the cheater. His hack will tell him that you are watching. He will likely turn it off and wait for you to go away. Stay on his ass until he leaves the server.

If you know of any more, please post them.