Author Topic: Please add another "warning" tier (the green, yellow, red value colours)  (Read 1144 times)


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As you can see here the spm value of 2900 is shown as red. This saddens me honestly, please add another colour tier I can go for, something awful like electric blue or hot pink.
Also, what value is needed to get skill rating into the red tier? 900? 950? Not really sure.

(please ignore the absolute trash kpm thanks)



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Hahahaha. You are a funny man. Cheats like a bitch and then laughs at anyone who challenges him.
All in 95 hours ???/
your damage modifier is shining like a beacon.
You have  'clean stats' here ???????...... let me guess, you are 'white listed' ????

Way over the top champ, 23% accuracy ?? .........20% headshots ???... the list goes on.

then you laugh at everyone else, what low act.