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Ban Appeals - ACCEPTED / Re: Ban Appeal
« on: February 09, 2020, 09:26:52 »

The Bans on the mentioned Accounts have been removed.

Since this Playername was used by a cheater in BF3, the Info now reads "SUSPICIOUS"

The publicy available data (we will not disclose more data than already available) already shows suspicious indicators:

Here you claim your name is "Eddie"
Zu meiner Person :
Mein Name ist Eddie ,ich bin 35 jung und spiele momentan als HorstFlox79.

The known cheater listed here used the name "EMIQAdminEddie" from 2018-04 to 2018-07

Your account named "HorstFlox79" and the known cheater listed here used the same ip on 2018-10-08

The Ban Appeal has been denied.


Your Ban Appeal has been denied because we suspected with high confidence that your account is linked to known cheaters.

This is the ban for a known cheater, linked to your account.

Ban Appeals - DENIED / Re: METL-Tutmirleid
« on: October 24, 2018, 19:45:20 »

Your Ban Appeal has been denied because we suspect with high confidence that a cheat has been used with your account and your account is linked to known cheaters.

For example:
Here you admit that you used a cheat in the past month for 5 days in BF3.

Mein Name ist Michele , ich bin 51Jahre jung und ich spiele als METL-Tutmirleid nachdem ich nach sieben Jahren Cheatfreien BF3 spielens mal im September 2018 fünf Tage gecheatet habe.

This is a ban for a known cheater linked to your account.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests / Re: problem?
« on: August 06, 2016, 00:02:51 »
just something left over.
the stats you see are always up to date :)

thx for spotting this

Ban Appeals - Not banned / Re: Suspicious data appeal
« on: June 06, 2016, 08:31:35 »
would please like to know whats so dam suspicious about me? im kek >.<

a playername you used is considered "suspicious" because it was used by a cheater.
nothing to worry about ;)

Report Players - BANNED / Re: MrPyshistik1
« on: May 19, 2016, 19:45:12 »
any other evidence to back this up

for example:
BF4    MrPyshistik    7af3be91ce9955d1a3e29937bf689d91    2015-04-09 10:36:36
BF4    MrPyshistik1    522f4300cc078df630ff9b5df2806bc7 ?IP Link    2015-04-07 12:41:06 is already banned for suspicious stats in bf3

both accounts are banned now.

8 is banned now.
ACI   [2016.05.15 05:49:27]   8cb862a4f85a84d1531f846148673851   JoachimFR   ACI-PB-VIOLATION-51122
GGC   [2016-05-15 12:49:00]   8cb862a4f85a84d1531f846148673851   JoachimFR   46.9.*.*   Violation (AIMBOT) #51122 is banned now. is banned now.
the weapons with the suspicious stats do not have enough kills for the automated detections. i banned this player manually.

im afraid the rest of the questions have to go unanswered for now :)

Ban Appeals - ACCEPTED / Re: ban appeal
« on: May 19, 2016, 19:18:49 »

the bans on your accounts have been removed.

keep in mind that stats padding will put you in line with cheaters.

of course there are certain limitations about what you can tell you.

the stats detection shares the same code as

Sometimes I refresh someones page and he instantly receives a ban based on locked stats.
refreshing a page rechecks this players stats. thx for checking this particular player :)

However there are a lot of other pages where I come on that do not give a ban to a person based on locked stats, while it's very clear that his stats are through the roof.
the stats dont seem to be "suspicious enough". other systems may come to a different conclusion.
can you give me a link?

Also, I have noticed that when people are banned for being banned on another third party website, that a link will be posted to this ban. (a GGC ban for example)
Is this being done automatically? Or does someone need to enter this proof manually?
unless you mean in the forum posts, this information is added automatically. except for the players marked with "manual assessment"

hope this answers some of your questions

note that the bow (spyder) is excluded from many checks for that particular reason.
high values are still marked as usual.

« on: May 12, 2016, 21:01:46 »

the bans on your accounts have been removed.

Ban Appeals - DENIED / Re: CheatDetector Problem
« on: April 28, 2016, 21:42:26 »
yes. our bans are permanent.
if that changes we will inform you here, but currently we do not have plans to change that.

Ban Appeals - DENIED / Re: CheatDetector Problem
« on: April 28, 2016, 19:18:02 »
as already mentioned by iso and myself, the account in question is banned because it is linked to a known cheater by ip and other data.
our decision to keep the ban on all the linked accounts mentioned in a post above is final.

Report Players - BANNED / several linked accounts
« on: February 16, 2016, 17:27:47 »
the following accounts have been banned.

14mth3b3st, 1canhearurightno, 1mjustt00f4st4u, liketheboyz
GUID: f902ab5b24fd7a67666cf8f4ee199ed4
ACI   [2013.10.22 09:52:08]   f902ab5b24fd7a67666cf8f4ee199ed4   1canhearurightno   ACI-PB-VIOLATION-71219
GGC   [2013-10-22 16:52:00]   F902AB5B24FD7A67666CF8F4EE199ED4   1canhearurightno   0.0.*.*   Violation (MULTIHACK) #71219

Dr_F1ST, Obsthandla
GUID: 5ff7139fd7b7b4866a1d13343d83188e
BF4    Dr_F1IST    5ff7139fd7b7b4866a1d13343d83188e    2013-11-06 10:33:18
BF3    1canhearurightno    f902ab5b24fd7a67666cf8f4ee199ed4 ?IP Link    2013-10-22 09:51:35

Sickefetza, YzOO56ZoTT
GUID: 2f0223f703f95440ed4a7547c7b8fc5a
GGC   [2012-05-22 15:04:42]   2F0223F703F95440ED4A7547C7B8FC5A   Sickefetza   80.109.*.*   Violation (AIMBOT) #50120
PBB   [PBBans:263181 2012-05-22]   2f0223f703f95440ed4a7547c7b8fc5a   Sickefetza   80.109.*.*   AIMBOT 50120

Dr_F1ST, MCGOLDIdeluxe, Obschthandla, __K1llth3mall__
GUID: 4ef7f94def23c5972f01ff151ac374aa
BF3    Sickefetza    2f0223f703f95440ed4a7547c7b8fc5a    2012-01-01 02:57:07
BF3    __K1llth3mall__    4ef7f94def23c5972f01ff151ac374aa ?IP Link    2011-12-31 07:48:06
BF3    __K1llth3mall__    4ef7f94def23c5972f01ff151ac374aa    2011-12-31 07:44:06
BF3    Sickefetza    2f0223f703f95440ed4a7547c7b8fc5a ?IP Link    2011-12-31 07:40:52

Dr_F1ST_2, Eisenfausti, oberbo55, Prof_Dr_Dr_F1ST
GUID: af8da1bf42ad9a4fb0a58c2633734aa8
BF3    Eisenfausti    af8da1bf42ad9a4fb0a58c2633734aa8    2013-10-25 02:39:38
BF3    1canhearurightno    f902ab5b24fd7a67666cf8f4ee199ed4 ?IP Link    2013-10-22 09:51:35

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