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Ban Appeals / False ban on wrong GUID/Account
« on: August 13, 2021, 12:57:26 »
Good day

Please assist me with "delinking" an account that is causing a kick/ban on servers using ACI.

The account linked to my account, Th3_Black_PulSe, is TH3_ACCUS3D1(GUID: 9549b794d0fff1353531a8ed686ad1c0). That account has nothing to do with the account for Th3_Black_PulSe.

This link has caused me to get kicked from my favourite servers after playing on them for more than 6 months. The ban on TH3_ACCUS3D1 happened in 2014, in BF3, so I don't understand how this can affect a completely separate EA/Origin/Battlelog account.

Please assist me with delinking these accounts and clearing my name on 247FairPlay.

I have been in touch with ACI, and they have also found nothing wrong with the account for Th3_Black_PulSe, so now I'm doing my best to get my name cleared with this matter.

Thanks a million.

Kind regards

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