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General Discussion & News / Linked Assessements
« on: August 09, 2019, 15:22:42 »
I am new to BF4 PC played a lot of XBOX but just got the PC version

I have been asked why I have so many names .  My first reaction was : what ?  then someone sent me a link to my page that shows  Linked Assessments ??

I only have this one account however it says I have several accounts.  I dig a bit more and my PBGUID isnt listed here at all however these other players are under my name  ???  link here :

How is this possible as I thought name are only for a specific user and why are these others linked to me ??  I took a lot of harassment mfrom a few server admins of late and I keep telling them I do not know who these guys are  -  please advise

Here is my BF4DB :
When you hit the link from here to go to 247 fairplay it shows all these other names - as well if you hit the link to battleLog it takes you to a totally different battlelog that isn't even mine - but if you hit the BF4DB battelog link it directs to the correct battlelog

What is going on here ?



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