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Ban Appeals / Ban appeal
« on: February 14, 2021, 22:25:41 »
My name is Alexander.
Masut_Alex - is my ingame login
I've got a ban at 2013 year, because of hater, who wanted to spoil my game.
I am strong player with K/D near 5. And i show same level of play at any servers (with anti-cheats, or without them).
How i can clear my clean name and account of this fruit of hater's envy?

Some info about ban
BF3   EAGUID   EA_8E7D08936BA2707C8ECE0925B64FBB16
BF3   PBGUID   3250a0928bdb77eacb3de3394db46c2b
BF3   Persona ID   420486693
BF3   User ID   2832660699961992315

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