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Please explain your analysis of the history graph. So far I just see an error in receiving data on our side in the BF3 and bf4 data nothing else

Ban Appeals / Re: Ban appeal
« on: July 30, 2017, 21:12:59 »
You are banned for 4 years now, so no need to hurry now ;)

Anyway you will need to provide the battlereports which show how you achieved the highlighted values in your 247fairplay profile

Ban Appeals / Re: CheatDetector
« on: July 14, 2017, 18:44:32 »
Our main admin is informed about the issue and will take care about it as soon as possible

Well I do not see anything abnormal in our history graph. Maybe you can explain to me what he read in there

Ban Appeals - ACCEPTED / Re: Ban Appeal
« on: May 21, 2017, 19:22:43 »
ban appeal accepted,

ban removed,

Please apologize any inconvenience

General Discussion & News / Re: Stats Need To Be Adjusted
« on: May 20, 2017, 08:21:33 »
Let's assume that you are right with your chance to get a Headshot if you aim at the head (let'S assume the equal distribution, so .33 chance to hit the head).

How do you assume the chance to hit the head is equal to the calculated value of amount of headshots divided to the amount of total kills with this weapon?

Even if you have a .1 chance to hit the HEAD with a sniperrifle you also you can get near 100% HSKR with a sniperrifle.

Do you need an explanation for this?

So do a little example:
A sniper aims only for the head of an enemy but he needs 10 shots to kill him as you never hits (neither the head nor the player), he always aims to high as he only wants to kill with HS and not with a regular kill.
So in the end the player has 1 Kill with Headshot (= 100% HSKR) but still a chance of hitting the HEAD of 0.1.

Even if he would have hit the player in those shots it would not change the outcome of this experiment as of the HSKR only will get down when he KILLs the player with that shot (this is not possible, if the player has full health in normal playmode - no sniper deals enough damage to kill someone with 100 HP: )

So go to your 0.33 assumed equal distribution of hitting the HEAD and killing instantly:
Every third shot is a HS, every third shot is a normal hit (but no kill =BodyHit = BH), every third shot is a miss (M)

So go for the series (per randomgenerator
So how many Kills to we have on a normal server assuming full health (100 HP), and assuming no regeneration between the shots (Ill mark the Death of the enemy in bold)

So we got 13 Kills with 10 HS
SO a HSKR of 10/13 = 0,769 (rounded)

Yes i know this is just an example and doesnt say anything.

YOu have to keep in mind:
A miss does not have any influence on the HSKR (not relevant) nor does have a single bodyhit

Report Players - BANNED / Re: yokotobigery
« on: May 20, 2017, 07:45:21 »
Just checked, not EA banned, PB banned, or by anyone who has actual proof he's cheated.
So how did you check if he is banned?

If you want to check if he is banned by EA, you just can go to the battlelog-page and see if he has a "banned" on his account ---- yes he is NOT banned by EA (but no one claimed that)

If you want to check if someone raised a PB violation, then you can go to pbbans, ggc, or ACI and check if they have any violations recorded in their database, but you have to know:, ACI and GGC-Stream are just plugins for server and are NOT connected to Evenbalance/Punkbuster in any other way, that they record pb violation that happen when a player got kicked by Punkbuster on a server where the plugin for any of those services (, ACI and GGC-Stream) is installed.
NONE of those services has a direct connection to the Punkbuster Master Ban list which is owned by Evenbalance (this database is NOT public). There if any player joins a server with those plugins installed they record if someone recieved a global ban by Punkbuster itself and THEN he is listed in "... is globally banned by Punkbuster". This is what means cache in this context. They do not have actual data about global bans, so they only can cache it when they discover such data. -- This means: If a player has been banned by punkbuster globally (he recieved a message about that ban ingame and got kicked out of the game) and afterwards he does NOT join a server with pbbans, aci, ggc installed on it, those services don't recieve the information that this player is banned by punkbuster.

If he "really" worked for PBss he could of easily had a screen grab himself.
Well he doesn't claim to work for PB, he is a staff on which has NO connection to Punkbuster itself. See :
PBBans is a private community that works with game server administrators, players, and subject matter experts to pool their experience and information about cheaters. As cheats are caught through PunkBuster™ violations, screenshots or demos, they are added to our Master Ban Index (MBI). The MBI can then be filtered and downloaded to suit each registered game server admin.


PBBans is constantly breaking new grounds in the anti-cheat community. We have developed a user-friendly and trustworthy ban index and will never place a ban on the MBI without proof from confirmed server administrators. The proof is indexed and stored at PBBans for future reference. Using our Master Player Index (MPI) you can look up any player and see a cross index of Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs), Aliases, IP Addresses and bans as well as proof of any ban.

If you really want to know if someone is globally banned in a game by punkbuster you have to raise a ticket against pb-support and ask if that GUID is globally banned by them in a particular game. Did you do this with this player?

And lastlyhe's clearly a liar because that is NOT how caching works in ANY shape or form.  Perhaps the liar should do a google search since he's clearly never taken a computer class of any kind, otherwise I'd refer to his books he would of used to study about it.

For those of you who do not know, caching is a technique used for "saving" OLD OUTDATED data that has since been taken OFF the internet.
You are talking about something like google cache, which is a product by Google, using CACHE in its name, as it buffers OLD data taken off the internet. A Cache itself is not connected to internet in any way. It's just something like to buffer data to have direct and fast access to it. So it can be outdated. And this is it how it works with the global ban list on pbbans. it is CACHED.
For better understanding you can look at definitions for cache in computer science:
or ofcourse at your computer books (but be sure to get the correct context)

Since you guys rather deal with idiots who've never taken a computer class, or cannot even bother to check google to fact check their lies.  LOL

Have fun jerking each other off, it's clear this is not a website devoted to any kind of logic, reasonableness, fairness, or justice.

You are talking about yourself arent you?
Maybe you should use your logic and increase your knowledge about basic anticheat facts, as as far as you show it here, they are just beginner skills.

Report Players - BANNED / Re: yokotobigery
« on: May 18, 2017, 06:26:17 »
@day01 this will be the last warning. If you are going to insult, flame or disrupt the pease in this forum in any other way your account will be banned. It's enough with your attitude. You always show that you are not familiar with the data you are posting

@-Slayer- thanks for your invrstigation. Player is banned.

General Discussion & News / Re: Stats Need To Be Adjusted
« on: May 17, 2017, 06:51:01 »
@day01 please calm down. I do not want to read a post full of ignorance and insults like your last one again. With your attitude you are disturbing the peace in this forum. Please lower your attitude or you might be dismissed.

Ban Appeals / Re: Linked Assessments
« on: April 24, 2017, 07:30:59 »
The GUID f7d85b2d884c8c6508574c11c0493a71 is globally banned by PB for sure

1. Please calm down all of you. @NastyPedro please stop insulting as well.
2. Reports can be made with report function, there is no need to publish them.
3. I can understand why @NastyPedro is so mad with you:
You come here, pretending to be totally innocent and in a fire posts it's total clear you are just another childish cheater. So I think you should apologize as well, before demanding other people to do so.

Ban Appeals - DENIED / Re: Banned for HS/K
« on: April 18, 2017, 06:12:15 »
@NastyPedro please calm down a bit ;)

You have been caught cheating so your ban will stay. Next time don't cheat !

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