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Ban Appeals / 0TT0MAN23_TR Ban Appeal
« Last post by aeromaster on Today at 15:58:59 »
Hi, I need help. I'm not hacker, I just made nemesis kill streak in 2012 and my account was reset. I'm playing BF3 for a along time and today i started the receiving cheating errors because of my old stats? Yesterday I made 109 kill without dead so whats the problem?

Ban reason: Suspected Cheating(!)

-New name: aeromasterKAN
-Banned name: 0TT0MAN23_TR
-PBGUID(s) of your player(s): 2cbd868becb9e0cb08c409d94ad090ad
-EAGUID(s) of your player(s)
Persona ID: 394206443
-23.05.2022 started receiving errors.
Report Players / lNEPHTHYSl
« Last post by GH0ST2022 on May 16, 2022, 10:23:48 »
Player has extremely suspicious gameplay.
He was getting mainly headshot kills, he was at 120/20 end of the round.
I left the server to spectate him, and he could barely land any shots, he was fully aware he was being spectated.
Please investigate him, the wbks server seems to allow loads of cheaters on the metro 24/7 server as these players pay for vip access and seem to get ignored by admins for being outright cheaters or have extremely suspicious gameplay cause they providing an income.
Report Players / kydNNNN
« Last post by Skezzy1337 on May 14, 2022, 21:19:21 »
Report Players / barfinga
« Last post by cheatdetectorguy on May 13, 2022, 10:13:09 »

In Chat his Teammate say itsself he was show off with cheats.

In Gameplay it was unable to Counter-Knife him. Yes its impossible when u get knife from side/behind, but in front it was also impossible.

Its looks like he had an Wallhack, he always knows where all enemies are.

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