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Report Players / Re: [LIST 2] Reported players that need a ban
« Last post by Nadin on July 01, 2022, 17:27:57 »
Ban Appeals / Ban Appeal EWAAX
« Last post by Ewaax on June 28, 2022, 04:24:07 »

1. "Partie déconnectée : vous avez été exclu par un administrateur. Raison spécifiée : [raison]"


- Ewaax
- BF3 : Ewaax
- don't know
- don't know
- Battlelog : PersonaID : 1137268176
- 27/06/2022
- I gonna be honest : I pay 40 euros someone who told me i can receiv dogtags (only the collectible, you can't wear it) and he told me i can do whatever i want on his server (i have the link :,

I don't have VETERAN Statut to unlock the original M1911, you know, i love complete all i can on a game, and i wanted 450 kills with this gun, he drop me and i started shoot bots (bots spawned after their death) i've already done 50+ kills on normal game when i drop weapon on someone that's why i needed 450 kills and not 500 for the dogtag..
After that, i remembered Battlefield 3 wasn't played as it can be before on certains modes : in that way, i drop me 1 Air Superiority Medail + 3 tank superiority (he drop me 2 medail for nothing i ask him only for 1..)
After that, i tried to normaly join some servers to play as i always did, but the punkbuster start kick me from some servers (JAH, Cloverfield and an US server..)
I ask him if it was possible to cancel stats from the M1911 and he started to tell me i can shot 1 guy with 7000+% Hp that can reduce the weapon stat.. after that he turn the ammount of 1 kill to 1000 kills then started laught about that.. if i remember, my max was 28 and now it's 1000 on red
I know i shouldn't did that but i just wants to complete medail and stats we can't get anymore (i contacted EA who told me it was impossible to be VETERAN at this time..) i'm not proud about what i did, but i never hack or cheat on a game for destroy the gameplay, even more, i never wants to Hardboost my stats as it can be done..
I apologize for all and accept if you can't do anything for me, but it would be sad cause it's one of my favourite all-time game..

Sorry for that bad english, I'm French ^^

Ban Appeals / BF4 HSK Ban I guess
« Last post by Voldi1989 on June 26, 2022, 17:35:19 »

I got a problem, everytime when I try to join certain servers I get the message "Kicked/ Banned by an Admin...".
Could you check whats going on with my profile? I don't cheat or do anything else that could cause a ban or a kick.
I already talked to a Admin on a server were I'm banned on and he has send me this (look in the attachments) mby that's why I keep getting kicked or banned?

Btw. my ingame name is: Voldi1989

Mby someone can help me out here thanks!
Ban Appeals / "Battlefield 4" injunction appeal
« Last post by xiaohuzi on June 26, 2022, 07:36:09 »
My friend unlocked the equipment for me, resulting in abnormal data. Please help me lift the ban. I didn't cheat.
Report Players / Amaticai
« Last post by Mer_CuRe_rIC on June 26, 2022, 06:51:43 »

Shooting through smoke, high scores in game and 12 k/D
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